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Thursday, 26 August 2004

09.44pm // Progress report

New design for The PIT's blog coming soon. Watch this space!

09.40pm // Site update

- New Web design! Version 10.0: summer
- Eight new poems
- Updated site maps (including poetry & prose)
- Re-organised home page
- New Link In images (to match new site design)
- Updated Site info (including Updates, Credits, FAQ)
- Edited poetry & prose

The most important updates are the brand new design (bright, summery and pink) and the new poetry. Enjoy!

Free site design, by me, still available from Art thou; with free hosting, subject to confirmation.

Sunday, 08 August 2004

04.41pm // Site update

- New literary project: Summer
- Projects info re-organised

The new literary project - Summer - is inspired by Summer and dadave. Go, read it!

That's about it.

Sunday, 01 August 2004

08.01pm // Site update

- Two new poems in Poetry
- Two new poems in the Waterloo Underground project
- Corrections to prose
- Updates to Design and Updates info (in Site)

Sunday, 18 July 2004

10.25pm // Proposed design for The PIT's blog

Sneak preview!

Proposed design for The PIT's blog

Too narcissistic?

09.33pm // Site update

- New illustrated poem and easier browsing.
- The Plagiarist - new arthope literary project
- Credits' info updated

New illustrated poem - Bad Girl, includes two icons. I've also created an alphabetical listing of this year's poetry for easier browsing. Looking for a poem of mine? It's much easier now. But if you still can't find it, let me know and I'll tell you where it is.

New arthope literary project - The Plagiarist. I've also re-organised projects' info and their links to increase ease of reading. Much better layout now etc.

Credits' info updated to include acknowledgement of, and thanks to, those who've given feedback recently and ever.

Thursday, 08 July 2004

09.44pm // Progress report

I've been writing poetry and updating at least weekly for a good while, which is all great. However, I haven't written anything for my myriad of writing projects in ages. This is kind of how it goes: I have bouts of real enthusiasm and then they fade away.

I've been reading a lot of poetry and literature recently, which is admirable, I s'pose. ...and I've been forming evaluative judgements about them, as is evident from Art Thou Communitas (inspirewithart) and Glitterarty, which is all brilliant. But I feel unproductive somehow.

Have to try really hard to be positive.

Good, creative/cultured things I've done recently:
- Updated The PIT
- Read 'Planet of the Blind' by Stephen Kuusisto and reviewed it at Glitterarty
- Visited the Tate and reviewed it at Art Thou Communitas

09.44pm // Site update

- New poetry

Three new poems (Your Room, Ordinary, But I'll Love You). I've also updated the poetry listing.

Sunday, 04 July 2004

10.48pm // Site update

- New poem
- Inspire With...

One new poem - little k.

Don't forget to check out inspirewith for news on all the IW sites and journals in one handy place.

Sunday, 27 June 2004

09.41pm // Site update

Three new poems. That's all.

Friday, 25 June 2004

10.54pm // Site update

- New poetry, two

Just updating The PIT; there are two brand new poems, one of these also has an icon you can use on LiveJournal and elsewhere, yay!

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

09.09pm // Site update

- New poetry, three
- New illustrated poetry
- Additions to Broken Butterfly Wings
- New 'Me' page

Have just updated The PIT, there are three brand new poems. Two poems also have icons you can use on LiveJournal and elsewhere, yay! New bits and pieces in Broken Butterfly Wings.

'Me' page includes a link to my personal journal: My Little World of Muses, for useless ramblings and meaningless meanderings on my life and such.

Tuesday, 15 June 2004

10.27pm // Site update

New poetry, new edits, tweaking etc.

If you went to The PIT and links were broken that's because I was having problems with my hosting, but it's all better now. If you're still having problems please comment here or email me so I fix them.

Saturday, 15 May 2004

11.10pm // Site update (minor)

- Corrected poetry listing links
- Credited those who inspired some of my poetry (All I Ever Dream and Untitled 02)
- Updated home page links

Not much to add...!

Friday, 14 May 2004

09.34pm // Site update

Quite a bit!

News: new stuff
- Poetry: Six new poems
- Prose: 'Infatuation' edited
- Projects: Two new projects - Washing His Feet (2 poems) & Waterloo Underground (3 poems)
- Projects: Broken Butterfly Wings established, for drabblettes that would otherwise stagnate

Updates: updated stuff
- News: News removed because all news now at the journal (you are here!)
- Site map: Poetry & prose listings updated

The most exciting updates: my new writing projects. They're not progressing at quite the pace I'd like (what with exams), but I'm not doing too badly. It's nice to have a focus, a direction, for my creativity.

These projects are both poetry only at the moment and Waterloo Underground is going to stay like that. However, I'm hoping to develop Washing His Feet beyond poetry to prose also and perhaps even sketches. I'll let you know.

Broken Butterfly Wings is - as already mentioned - for bits and bobs of poetry, prose etc. There's nothing there yet, but there will be soon. (Soon is an elastic term, see previous note re: exams!)

Thanks for reading. Comment for more info. Go check out the site!

Tuesday, 11 May 2004

03.34pm // Progress report

Moodawake, just
- Still writing poetry
- Two brand new writing projects

Whenever I start writing less poetry I worry that I'll never write again but it appears my fears were completely unfounded this time (as all previous times) as I've written loads and am finding it difficult to find time to type it all up.

In addition, I've started two writing projects: Washing His Feet & Waterloo Underground. They're both wholly poetry projects at the moment, but I may create sketches to illustrate Washing His Feet.

Friday, 07 May 2004

11.35am // Progress report

- Ratings system wrong, changing it tonight

Still progressing with sloughing through mistakes and such, but it's not too bad. Just realised that I've managed to get the rating system completely wrong, so I'll be working on that tonight, don't send angry emails!

11 May 2004
Corrections postponed to weekend, due to exams.

Thursday, 06 May 2004

10.42am // Progress report

- Checking links. Find any broken? Email me or comment, please. Thanks
- Editing prose
- Updates' schedule: Fridays/Sundays

Following last night's update I'm checking links and such today, which is actually quite fun because it means I get to look at my site for extended periods of time. Which means I can wallow in my own greatness. :p

Finally I have time to take in to account Chris' comments that I use too many commas and not enough full stops. So I'm editing my prose, which is quite fun too. I only really got in to editing in 2002/2003. Before that I just wrote something and that was the end of it. Now I go over it, which is cool. It's strange, I don't edit enough and some people, like Duncan, edit too much (although it does mean his stuff is brilliant and mine isn't quite). Meh. Oddness.

In future, I'm hoping to have a set day each week for updates, but I'm still undecided between Fridays & Sundays. Bah!

Wednesday, 05 May 2004

09.26pm // Site update

Lots & lots of stuff!

News: new stuff
- Image-based menu (text-based menu still available)
- Poetry & prose
- Projects: Nuts! sketches

Updates: updated stuff
- Optimised images for faster loading
- Removed Art & Design section (coming back in June 2004, at Art Thou)
- Removed Me section

Only four poems and one prose piece since my last update (15 Apr) because I've been busy with coursework. I've also been working extensively on two new sites: H2O: think! (Inspire With Clarity) and Art Thou (Inspire With Art), both set for release in June 2004. I'm really excited about them. More info: inspirewith, eventually.

Coming soon
- Re-organising Bad Poetry

08.30pm // Welcome

Welcome to The PIT's news & updates' journal. Guess what you get here. Yes, news and updates on The PIT. You deserve a medal!

Updates: No more limitations, full updates from today onwards
Art & design: moving to Art Thou, June 2004
Hosting, pay4: postponed to June 2004

Going through a bit of a crisis, well, no, not a crisis, a temporary blip with hosting issues but I'm sorting it out now and should be fixed by the end of today.

The main thing to note is the removal of the art & design section, this is because it's moving to Art Thou (Inspire With Art). I'll keep you posted on progress with the move via inspirewithart, but I will just let you know that the Art Thou site is due for release next month.

The good news is that removing this section will take the strain off my resources so I'm updating again. Yay!

The bad news is due to lack of funds (again) I'm postponing paying for hosting (again). Should definitely do it next month, will be doing more overtime and won't have anything much on which to spend my hard-earned cash.

NB I'm updating right now so there may be broken links for up to an hour from now. Sorry! Will be loads of new content though, especially poetry. Will give you a full rundown as soon as I've finished uploading.
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