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(((Inspire With... Hope))) News & Updates

NaNo: Lost Dreams site updated

Visit the official Lost Dreams site now!

In other news, there's now a link to all the posts I've ever posted at the forums on my profile. Good thing I didn't respond to that female masturbation thread...!

I'm glad the link's there, I considered suggesting they add one.

Oh, and I'm going to be posting my novel in filtered friends-only entries. If you want to read it, just let me know. No need to friend me, just comment/email/etc. Cimmy, you're already added because I'm planning on forcing you to read it anyway. :P Na, only j/k. Really.


Edit: Bear in mind that I'm not re-reading what I write until next month, it will therefore be crap and disjointed, but hey, that's NaNo for you. I welcome all comments, but I will ignore all criticism until December, when editing begins.

You've been warned!

Edit: I thought it might help to actually put the URL for the Lost Dreams site in, so I did. Doh!
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