(((Inspire With... Hope))) News & Updates (inspirewithhope) wrote,
(((Inspire With... Hope))) News & Updates

NaNo: Other loonies, er... participants


I'm looking for (other) WriMos with fascinating ideas etc. Well, just anyone who's willing to converse on the whole NaNoWriMo deal really.

So, comment with your NaNo username and URL of your site (if you have one). Please only comment if you have some sort of online info about your novel (whether it's a journal, site or whatever).

Looking for hosting for your novel/plot etc. until the end of November (possibly beyond, just ask)? I've got space, but I'll only be able to upload/update your files once/twice a week. I also do site design, if you're interested. If that's ok, contact me. It's free. Woot!
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