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NaNo: November

Fuck! I have just under 23 hours of freedom before the madness that is NaNoWriMo begins. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck.

In other news, aagh!


When is the cut-off date for sign-ups?
November 25, 2004 (hope springs eternal).

Can you imagine five days to write your novel??

I started writing about a week ago, to get in to the flow of my story, but I'm going to delete it all. (Well, not delete it, but I'm not going to use it).

I'm scared, hold me.

I think I will go and write notes and draw Mimi and try not to panic.

I don't feel sleepy anymore (see prolificdiarist, 30th October entry), which is excellent,a part from the fact that hello?! it's time to sleep! Oh, and my headache went away, which is also good.

Edit: The clocks go back - almost forgot, so, 24 hours to go. Aagh!
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