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NaNo Forums: Characterisation & Winning

What crazy things do you do to get into the heads of your characters?
Best ones:
- conversations with characters: I do this when in bed, usually they talk amongst themselves, actually
- dressing up as character, affecting mannerisms: Never tried this, will do it tomorrow, sounds like a fucking laugh! Will need to get up earlier though, dammit.
- interviews. I've done this before and it worked well, have definitely got to do more exercises.

1000 reasons why we will win!
- irascible: 36 - I will win to make all the nonbelievers shut up.
- rii_adresca: 39. I'll win just to prove I can finish what I start.
- BrandyTook: 70. I will win because I have so little sanity to lose to begin with.
- BrandyTook: 71. I will win because I have stocked up on caffeine and caffeine related products.
- BrandyTook: 74. I will win because all the ideas in my head have to go somewhere and it might as well be on paper.
- achybreakywrists: 75. 'Cause it's ONLY 1,666 words per day...
- Splark: 76. I will win because I have a $190 bet on this thing.
- Wenderric: 96. I will win because my characters are special to me and deserve to have a chance to live.
- sushimustwrite: 108. I will win because I have already told everyone I know about this, and I can't just, well, not win.
- GreenGlazedEyes: 128. I will win because I have really kick ass music.
- janyse: 135. I will win because I want to prove that I can finish the story.
- janyse: 140. I will win because I actually have conflict and resolution and further conflict planned so I won't run out of plot.
- janyse: 141. I will win because I will keep writing, even a half a sentence, when I finish a chapter so I can't not know where to start the next day.
- janyse: 142. I will win because I don't have to worry about making the words perfect, just making the words.
- janyse: 143. I will win because I like to write.
- Caporal: 161: I will win because my schedule insists that I can't
- Caporal: 162: I will win because failing last year just sucked.
- Caporal: 163: I will win because I've been about to start writing this for almost a year and it's damn well getting done.
- Caporal: 165: I will win because I can!
- Chainlink: 207. I will win because my plot is made out of extra-stretchy elastic.
- Borberg: 215: I will win because all my life I've wanted to be a writer
- Borberg: 216: I will win because it's just 50,000 words
- Borberg: 217: I will win because I must.
- BERaven: 224 I will win because the NANO community will keep me strong.
- robertsloan2: 225: I will win because writing's not just what I do, it's who I am.
- robertsloan2: 232: I will win because I could be a career cripple with nothing better to do or a maniacal dedicated novelist who's got nothing better to do than write novels!
- robertsloan2: 234: I will win because I look forward to November as my annual vacation from reality.
- DeNisey: 251. I will win because I, too, have told a million people about it. So if I don't win, then I'm a loser.
- DeNisey: 252. I will win because, what else am I going to do during November?
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