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Site update

- New poetry (3)
- New project: Lost Dreams: Memoirs of Mimi (NaNoWriMo) (1)
- New design, utterly

The design is amazingly beautiful, in my not-so-humble opinion... But feel free to shatter my illusions (or support them) by commenting, or email or whatever. We're now on to the ninth version - haven't we come a long way...?!

Poetry. Hooray! Extract goodness:

     My mentors all deserted me,
     In turn, I now leave you.
     Why can't I break the cycle?
     Instead I leave you blue.

from Loves Me Not

Project. Well, I abandoned my NaNo pretty soon after I started it (as you can tell by previous entries here...), but I'm going to continue it. I hope. Watch this space...

Please let me know about anything I've overlooked - long download times, broken links, missing images... Praise also accepted... :) Because feedback to me, is like ambrosia to the gods, oxygen to mortals and er... instinct to animals. Or something. Feed me!
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